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YPT Architecture was founded in 1985 by Architect İrfan Açıkgöz in Istanbul; provides services in the fields of design, project, application and consultancy at home and abroad. In ethical, ecological, sustainable practice since its establishment; It continues its works by adopting the production of structures related to people and their environment as a design approach. It has signed important structures consisting of industrial buildings, hospitals, hotels, residences, educational buildings, office buildings, religious buildings, business centers and shopping centers; It moves forward by transferring the knowledge gained from projects of different concepts, scales and functions in its portfolio to new projects. It develops architectural and interior design projects and completes its applications with its experienced staff and solution partners. With the service quality and trust it provides; He carries out his consultancy duties in Istanbul Teskoop Special Industrial Zone, Öz-Ar Special Industrial Zone, Mardin Eti Bakır Special Industrial Zone in special industrial zones, with the authority he received from the Provincial Directorates of Industry and Technology. Within the scope of his consultancy duty, he carries out all processes such as preparation of zoning documents of hundreds of industrial facilities, project controls, field controls, preparation of fire reports, building inspection controls, and follow-up of occupancy stages.

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YPT has implemented the design approach it has adopted in more than 1.000.000 m² of spaces it has produced for 37 years. Every place; continues to produce comfortable and livable spaces by considering the location, user and functions.


Since the establishment of YPT, more than 500,000 m² of closed area; It was built using the latest technology. In addition to design with its international experience and engineering knowledge; rough construction, finishing works, restoration and reconstruction works are also continuing to be completed.


ÖZAR BAKIR Special Industrial Zone
ETİ BAKIR Special Industrial Zone
TESKOOP Special Industrial Zone